The journey of a ring starts with a master goldsmith’s analysis of the metal.

To achieve the desired carat, the purest form of gold, 24K, is mixed with the correct percentage of alloy in the melting pot.

Following its cool down, the piece goes through a rolling machine. The two rollers; flat and round, shape and tune the right width and height. To obtain the optimum thickness, a draw plate is used for a rounder wire.

Process continues with the handcrafting of the precious metal wire into the desired size. Once after it is tailored on a ring mandrel, the goldsmith solders to join the two ends of the wire together. Using the emery paper, inside of the ring gets refined and smoothened. As for the outer texture of the ring, desired texture is applied with its own unique technique.

Succeeding, the ring goes to the polisher for tumbling and pre-polish. Getting it prepared for diamond setting, any scratches left from the emery paper or the rubber, used previously for refinements, are eliminated.

Coming back from pre-polish, diamond setter meticulously picks the perfect and precise gemstones that will be set on the ring. Setter situates the ring on shellac, positioning it for setting of the gems.

Conclusively, the diamond setter hand the ring to polisher for a final polish. At this step, it is monitored and reviewed for any scratches to be removed. A special paste depending on the aimed semblance is applied with a turning wheel, having the ring ready for the final phase.

To put the seal on, finished and polished ring is sent to the quality control department for any possible flaws and defects.

Finally, when all is accomplished and impeccable, a journey of a ring ends in the hands of its desirer, with love.